gangster of love (pinkisevul) wrote in mustache_war,
gangster of love

The Rules

So what is this mustache war, you might say? Well, if you're not already a part of it, you would be asking that. Well, let me lay out the rules for you.

ganked from dirtydarthdrama:

1) Make a new post on your LJ (in this community now); don't reply as a comment.

2) No more than two posts per day.

3) The mustache must be of a famous (or infamous) person. You can't just find a picture of some dude on the Internet.

4) You must give the name of the person, and if they are playing a part, the movie/play/television show and the role. If they are in a band, you must give the name of the band.

5) Fake mustaches are legal.

6) No goatees, no beards. We're going for only a mustache. Fu Manchus are legal, as are soul patches.

7) One picture per post, (and wait until at least one response photo has been posted.) <--- this is under some discussion right now

8) No repeating persons unless they have a notably different mustache from one picture to another.

Also, in order to post photos, you need to know the code on ljand have a space from which to post pictures.

The Code: Putting images on to journal entries

Hosting Pictures: is one of the best out there

We're hoping to, one day, make a mustache directory out of all of these mustache posts. So I encourage everyone, even if it's rarely, to participate.

And remember to always have fun!
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